Looking to feel less lonely?

It is natural to experience loneliness from time to time. However, persistent feelings of disconnection can put our physical and mental health at risk. Fighting feelings of loneliness starts with identifying and working through those feelings with simple strategies and reaching out to professionals for support.

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Even in a room full of people, we can feel disconnected or alone without understanding why.

Looking to feel less lonely? was hosted by Shayna Love, Marketing at Spring Health, and featured Britjé Montgomery, MS, LPC and Dr. Amy Marschall, Psy.D.

This webinar discussion includes:

  • Identifying loneliness
  • Why we feel lonely
  • How we can support lonely children
  • Ways to encourage stronger relationships
  • How a therapist can help

About The Facilitator

Britjé Montgomery
Britjé Montgomery
Clinical Trainer, Spring Health

Britjé is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, with demonstrated history in serious mental illnesses, addiction counseling, domestic violence and bipp therapy, case management, treatment planning, crisis management and strong community individual and group counseling services.

Dr. Amy Marschall
Dr. Amy Marschall
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Amy Marschall, PsyD earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut. She completed her pre-doctoral internship through the National Psychology Training Consortium and her post-doctoral residency at Family Psychological Center, PA. Dr. Marschall has been in practice since 2016 and presently runs a full-time private practice, RMH-Therapy, where she provides individual therapy to children and adolescents as well as psychological assessments across the lifespan. She also provides ADHD assessments through ADHD Online and therapy services through Spring Health. Dr. Marschall is certified in telemental health and is the author of Telemental Health with Kids Toolbox. She is also the author of I Don’t Want To Be Bad: A CBT Workbook for Kids, Parents, and the Professionals who Help Them, A Year of Resiliency: 465 Journal Prompts to Become Your Strongest Self, and Armani Doesn’t Feel Well: A Book to Help Sick Kids. In her spare time, Dr. Marschall enjoys reading, making jewelry, and writing. She is licensed to practice psychology in Montana, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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