How to Identify and Stand Up to Bullying

Replay this webinar to learn all the ways bullying appears in our lives and how we can work to put a stop to the behavior—for our kids and ourselves.

Bullying affects people of all ages and in every aspect of life—school, work, social groups, and community organizations.

We want to protect and empower our children against bullying behavior. However, as an adult, it can be just as challenging to deal with intimidating, oppressive, or coercive behavior from our peers.

This webinar covers:

  • Different forms of bullying
  • Conditions that foster it
  • Warning signs that someone is bullying or being bullied
  • Bullying's impact on mental health
  • How to support someone who is being bullied

About The Facilitator

Dr. Dominique Pritchett
Dr. Dominique Pritchett
Mental Wellness Strategist & Speaker

Dr. Dominique Pritchett, PsyD, LCSW is a mental health advocate who's mission is to create opportunities for people to be seen, supported and safe in every space. Period. She is an exceptional therapist, speaker, and well-being strategist. As a speaker and strategist, Dr. Dominique engages and educates audiences using thought-provoking stories, relevant statistics and actionable steps resulting in goal advancement. As a sought-after expert on emotional intelligence and psychological safety as well as mental health challenges impacting Black women and girls, Dr. Dominique has spoken at numerous organizations around the world.

Jen Foley
Jen Foley
Director of Clinical Partnership. Spring Health

Jen Foley, LMHC, CEAP has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Adult Psychology, from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. Jen is a licensed clinician and Certified Professional Coach with behavioral health experience in a substance abuse treatment setting, managed care and EAP company. She is skilled in crisis intervention, psychological assessment, CBT, motivational interviewing and group therapy. Jen most recently worked as a senior manager for a large operational EAP and managed care team providing coaching and overall support in member and organizational wellness.

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