Getting Yourself Unstuck: Managing Holiday Stress and the Pressure of Perfection

Replay this webinar to learn tips for embracing imperfection and getting unstuck.

Feeling overwhelmed by holiday stress and the pursuit of perfection? Discover the keys to getting unstuck and breaking free. Watch this webinar to learn practical strategies to manage stress, embrace imperfection, and reclaim your joy during the holiday season and beyond.

This webinar discussion focuses on:

  • Understanding why you may feel stuck and stressed
  • Strategies for managing holiday stress and building resilience
  • How therapy can help

About The Facilitator

Matt Hale
Matt Hale
Marriage And Family Therapist

Matt Hale, IMFT is an independently licensed marriage and family therapist. He has been practicing in the state of Ohio for the last ten years. He has worked in a variety of settings including long term care, community mental health, his own private practice, as a mobile crisis responder for law enforcement, and most recently as an on-site dedicated therapist for Spring Health to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Matt has enjoyed working with aging and elderly adults, young children, couples, families, individuals and people across all life cycle stages. Matt enjoys creating a safe and compassionate atmosphere for his clients to explore their own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Matt uses emotionally focused couples therapy, internal family systems, mindfulness, and EMDR as his primary therapeutic approaches. Matt enjoys nature and being active outdoors.

Britjé Montgomery
Britjé Montgomery
Clinical Trainer, Spring Health

Britjé is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, with demonstrated history in serious mental illnesses, addiction counseling, domestic violence and bipp therapy, case management, treatment planning, crisis management and strong community individual and group counseling services.

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