Building Rewarding Friendships

Evaluating friendships allows us to determine if they are supportive and complementary, or whether they have grown distant and draining. It’s important to consider many different factors when determining if a friendship is healthy, beneficial, and reciprocal.

Evaluating Your Social Circle and Building Rewarding Friendships

Having rewarding friendships is important for our emotional health and well-being. Since friends can influence our happiness, stress levels, and perspectives, we may need to evaluate these connections from time to time. This can help us identify which relationships are supportive, positive, and help us grow, and which may be one-sided, draining, or unhealthy.

Watch a replay of this webinar to learn more about what makes a good friend, the different types of friendships, signs of an unhealthy relationship, and how you can support your child in evaluating friendships.

About The Facilitator

Kerry Symon
Kerry Symon
Director, Clinical Partnerships, Spring Health

Kerry Symon, Psy.D. has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute. They are staunchly devoted to safeguarding and lifting the most disenfranchised people. Kerry has 20+ years in both non-profit sector implementing and overseeing evidenced-based programs as well as administrative and clinical operations for large Employee Assistance Programs.

Kristen Hernandez
Kristen Hernandez
Spring Health Provider

Kristen Hernandez, MA, LMFT is a Spring Health Provider and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist California and Virginia. She has her MA in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Kristen has worked with various populations including the chronically mentally ill, families in child welfare, and adults and teens in residential treatment settings. She has experienced how the power of communication and emotional intelligence can heal even the most distant of relationships, and is a champion for purposeful meaningful relationships.

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